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New in the Studio this Month

Having not blogged for a while, I started to think about what would be good to share on here again.  So a bit of info about what's been happening in the studio this month.

I've been busy screen printing and making new colour ways and products this month.  Its been a funny time not being able to go out as much but this has definitely enabled me to spend more time in the studio and on my business too.

Here's a few of the new bits and bobs I've been working on.

My new limited edition screen prints - including the stripey jumper loving Miss Bumble.

She looks pretty happy here with one of my stackable kitty cats to keep her company

I've developed a new range of wooden screen printed flowers to go with my wooden vase range.  Really love playing with the colours and patterns on these.

Pink hair has been sooooo popular this month - I think everyone is needing some happy colours around at the moment.

And my new ornamental brooches that can sit in their matching stands when…