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Just A Card Interview

I was so excited to get an email from the lovely people at the Just a Card Campaign asking if I’d be happy to be interviewed on their blog -

 If you’ve not heard of the campaign - you can find out more on the link above- but in a nutshell it’s to promote and support small independent businesses. It’s a great way to educate customers about the positives of buying small, shopping local and supporting independent businesses.

As a small business owner myself this is something that is such a huge help and there are lots of ways you can get involved in the campaign. You can buy a lovely pin to wear, get a sticker for your shop window, follow and like their posts on twitter and Instagram and share them too!

It’s also a great way to be part of a community - see my last post for more on this. So go give them a follow and tell everyone you know about it!! Thanks.
Love Fiona

Finding a creative community

Being self employed and working on your own in a space can get lonely. I think this is where social media and the creative community can really help small business owners.  One of the things I’ve taken part in over the last few years is the  March Meet the Maker instagram challenge which was the brilliant idea by Joanne Hawker. Anyone else tried it? What did you think? I’m half way through this years challenge and I’m more organised this year and am managing to keep up to the daily posts. Planning is the key!

Each year Joanne provides a set of daily prompts for the month of March to help makers tell everyone a bit more about their business.

It may be that you are thinking what’s the purpose, that it’s a bit stressful or too much pressure but Joanne does try to make it easy by providing a useful planner and a blog post about how to approach the different daily prompts.

For me the positive is that I’ve found it a great way to meet more makers and st…

Blowing Your Own Trumpet.....can be difficult

Maybe it’s just me, is it just me?  but I get a bit overwhelmed at the moment with the pressure to create videos and pictures with me in it. There is lots of information on getting you and your work out there, to tell your story and I find myself under pressure to show my face more or create videos with me talking in them.

I see other creatives doing it really well, and I think should I be doing this?

I think I do OK with it all, but the thing I really struggle with is putting more of me out there.

People who know me well will know that I really hate having my photo taken or hearing myself played back on video. Anyone else find this makes them squirm?

So I’m recommending a book in today’s post - it’s one I’ve read before, but not for a few years now, it’s a good one. It has lots of different ways of getting you out there, about building up to it. So I’ve  just found it on my shelves and reread it, and taken notes and done the exercises too and actually it’s what spurred me on to star…

The start of something new...maybe... still not sure.. what do you think?

So I've been thinking about this for some time - an idea that has been floating around in my head wondering if anyone would be interested in it - but have decided to just go for it and see where it takes me.

I'm going to start writing more about some of my experiences as a maker and printer and teacher - from creativity to business stuff.

Why am I doing this?

Well I already do in my main job as a lecturer at university teaching Surface Pattern Design and Textiles, and I also run my own business making and selling my work which I have done part time along side teaching now for about  9 years.


I hope it may be of use to others who are trying to figure things out - an opportunity to learn from my experiences (mistakes! and successes) and perhaps share some of your experiences too.  To save me from having to chat to my illustrated characters in my studio - it would be great to hear from you all too as I develop these blog posts.

Thats it for now.
Love Fiona x