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New Drawing Workshops

So, seen as I have been teaching visual studies at university for the last three years, I thought it was about time I provided some drawing workshops from the studio.  It seems that drawing is often a stumbling point for many students and as I studied for my degree later in life, I can appreciate how the prospect of putting pen to paper can sometimes be scary, but it doesn't need to be. So have a look on my new Drawing Workshop page.  Get in touch if you have any queries.

On Your Marks....

get set, draw .....

Some of the results from my vintage pen nibs. This weeks find coming up next.....


This weeks find....

Lovely vintage pen nibs.  Looking forward to seeing what marks I can collect from them

The Collector

Some of you will know that I am a collector, and some of you will have seen that recently I have been more committed to my drawing, so you may be able to guess what my new obsession is for collecting ....

Yes I am collecting marks.  I had touched on the idea of marks and traces during my MA work and recently decided to explore this further.  Just a few pages here from a book I have just filled, playing with a very soft graphite stick.  Some are inspired from observation, some just pop into my head, forms of repeat, large to small, heavy to light, possibilities are endless and for someone with a short attention span a perfect way to persue an idea.

Just Make

Very nice to have my work stocked here now .... Just Make

So if you are down that way or Just Make is local to you, there looks to be some other very interesting art works in there too..

Mark Making in Process

So the drawing continues.  This time playing with repeating a simple shape, altering the scale, the direction, adding things, taking them away, rubbing them out, painting them over, until start to get something I like.  Trying not to let the inner critic (yes I have one too) take over and allow the process to evolve.

Just allowing things to happen....


I mentioned in my last post that I had recently been doodling.  I am finding that more and more of my time is taken up with other things and sometimes trying to fit in a dedicated amount of drawing is difficult.   So I decided it would be OK just to do a bit of doodling and not worry about the end results....

They didn't take too long.... there was no worrying about whether I had managed to create a master piece and the best thing is keeps me drawing...and I am often surprised with the things I do create.   Give it a go, let me know how you get on - I warn you though, it can become quite addictive .... but beats watching rubbish TV!

The right way

I always tell my students that there is no one right way to draw.  There are different ways, and no one way is necessarily more valid than another.  Being open to trying out new ways is a great way to explore creativity.  I have played around with automatic drawing before, the idea of just putting down on paper whatever comes into your mind.  You can't do an automatic drawing wrong, you may not like the end result, and if that's the case, draw over it, paint over it, block out the bits you don't like, until you find something you do.  You can see my experiments with this idea below.  Its not a work of art, but a process, its a great way to warm up and you might just enjoy it.

There are bits of this drawing I really like, and others I don't, but that's OK, as I can still alter it if I want.  You don't have to do large scale drawing like I have, it could be something smaller.  I have taken to carrying around a small doodle book with me so that I can just have qui…

Getting back to basics

Sometimes its good to remind yourself about some simple mark making exercises.  Playing with the weight of a line in different media creates some interesting variations.  A lovely afternoon lost in observing the way different types of drawing tools work on paper.  A great way to warm up your drawing arm....

Onto exploring some automatic drawings - otherwise known as doodles, more images coming soon